when i see these photos, i think visiting my family in korea wouldn’t be so bad. koreans are stylish (for the most part), look like me and i mean, what’s not to love about korean food. then i remember that i’m a 5’9” korean girl covered in tattoos (not just one or two my people. i mean sleeves on my arm and legs) and realize that if i’m an outcast in the US (fellow koreans in the US look at me as if i’m a zebra wondering what white man knocked up a distant relative to make me look mixed.), how much worse is it going to be in Korea? plus i don’t smoke or drink which seems to be something everyone in korea does. regardless, if 75% of korea dresses like the people above, i’d be 75% ok with visiting my family i haven’t seen since i was 5 when i was maybe 3 ft and not covered in ink. 

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    this must be hongdae or …sinchon or something because i never see people dressed like this in my area
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